Hi,I'm Suraya!
I'm 17 years old student. I'll rarely blogging because I'm living in a boarding school. So yeah, just open my dashboard to customize a new look for my blog because I love to. I wish to full this blog with recipes, DIYs & my photographs after my SPM

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Dear you,
If only I let you read this. This is what I feel right now. I write it hear because I know there's no other place that I can write it. I'm sorry that I blocked you on every social media. I guess this is the only way I can let myself to move on for real. It has been years since the first time I met you. The first time we were in love. The first time we broke up. I know we have been together and broke up several times. I don't know if it was me or you or it just us. All I know is I can't move on from you. To be honest, I'm still hoping that at least a chance to be really in love. I mean, we're in love. Not just me.

I just need to know why you left me this time. Why? This the second time you broke my heart so hard. I'm not fall in love with anyone after we broke up the last time.  What did I do wrong this time? You were so trying to be part of my life, promise to love me forever. I had a really good time with you, talking to you. I feel like it just was yesterday that I love you, and I feel like you never break my heart before. You made me so happy, made my heart pounding each time I talk to you.

But today, I decide to move on. I decide not to let you break my heart again even though I know that I'm still love you. But I had enough of this heart broken things. It takes years to heal. I feel empty and it sadden me to know that I'm heartless. Knowing that I'm stupid that I gave you second chance.
Written by Subi on 03 February 2018 - 0 comments